Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Week Down

Well, we've made it through one week.  I can't say that we've got it totally figured out, and we're far from a typical schedule.  All of the classes last week were more like "learn how this will work" versus actual lessons.  And on top of that, we had K tested out of kindergarten math and English, so we're going to be on even more of a hold up waiting for the 1st grade materials to arrive now.  Such is life!  I am thrilled with her teacher's availability and encouragement to work towards a challenging school schedule for our daughter.

So we are enjoying the schedule, the two little ones are much happier and well balanced now that they're not waking up so early and having a screwy nap schedule, and I am a million times happier and more energetic.  So far so good.

The biggest issue we have thus encountered is exactly what I thought it might be: entertaining those littles while K is supposed to be learning.

When K was going to traditional school, AB and I spent a lot of time chilling and watching tv or reading books.  Now the majority of my time is eaten up trying to understand what we're doing and giving K proper instruction.  Luckily, the computer program for the curriculum is very easy for her to navigate, and as we get into this more I  know she'll become more and more self sufficient.  As for right now, AB gets very demanding and upset that I can't entertain her 6 hours a day as we had been doing.  Luckily, E is still very easy going, and other than carrying on about wanting snacks every 30 minutes he is usually good to go.

I think as we move forward and get into the actual lessons where K gets used to what we're doing and hopefully able to work on her own, then everyone will be even happier.  Then I can focus more on the littles again, and hopefully start AB working on some things of her own.  For now - continued forward progress!

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