Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Crazy World

No news is good news, right?  It's been pretty much business as usual here at the Giblet Factory.  We are into a really good groove with homeschool, and other than the occassional meltdown when math gets frustrating we are getting through our lessons quickly and easily, while learning at the same time.  Hurray!  I think that's the point of this whole exercise!  We even took a field trip to the aquarium last week which was a blast.

So here's my conundrum... Every week we get an email newsletter from the online school just updating us as to events and reminders.  And every week there is a reminder on there for students to complete their Study Island work - a weekly test to prove what they learned in math and reading that week, and to kind of keep them up to date on the lessons.  Makes perfect sense, right?  And it literally takes about 10 minutes to do them.  Yet every week they are reminding people and telling us, "There are still students not getting this work done."  From what I understand, this is one of the few things the teachers use to maintain grades on the kids too, so they are definitely important.

Then we had an assembly on Monday, where the teachers present on a topic for the learning coach (that's me).  Guess what one of the main ideas they talked about was at the assembly?  Students not completing Study Island.

This blows my mind.  I've taken your kids' education into your own hands, and you're not taking it seriously enough to finish stuff?  It's easy.  There isn't even that much to do on a daily basis - we have to do study island just to get our hours up for the daily/weekly requirements.  What in the heck are people doing??  They also said in the assembly that people aren't putting in any school hours or completing lessons in the daily plan since the weather got a little warmer.

It just blows my mind.  I understand wanting to be lazy.  I understand that drive.  But when we are lazy, we start school at 10 instead of 9.  Not skip it entirely.  It's just so important, I can't believe parents would blow it off.  My husband tells me that proves that I'm a good mom, and doing my best for the kids since I'm willing to at least do the bare minimum, haha.

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